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31 December 2018Bulletin Board
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Bulletin Board
Monday 31 December 2018

This is a new facility for members who might (for example) want help with something, or have something to give away, or have an idea for a new Group. If you would like to use it, send your message via the Contact Us facility.

From : Lyndsey Wolstencroft

Subject : Speaker Search

I am just wondering if there are members out there with unknown talents as public speakers. As we are a self help group it is always good to welcome people from our midst who have an interesting subject to share. If this is you please contact me and you could become part of next year's programme.

email                    Lindsey Wolstencroft

From: Elizabeth New 

Subject: New Group: All Day Walking

Would you enjoy an all day walk in the 8 to 10 mile range in different parts of Leicestershire, or even further afield, in the company of others? Initial thoughts are to meet monthly and stop for lunch or coffee along the way. If this sounds like your cup of tea (or coffee) please get in touch.
Elizabeth New 07749 908907

From: Elizabeth New 

Subject: Other New Interest Groups

The recent Open Meeting resulted in the following ideas for new groups:
•Beer Appreciation (monthly)              •Bridge (Improvers)
•Current Affairs (monthly)                   •Drop-in French discussion group (weekly)
•DIY French for Beginners                  •Greek and Roman History (monthly)
•Getting the most from your iPad        •Geology
•Local History
I already have expressions of interest from members for some of the above. If anyone else would be interested, please email me on or call me on 07749 908907

Elizabeth New (Group Facilitator)

From: Stella Freeman 

Subject: Financial Planning

We have often been approached by financial planning firms requesting the opportunity to talk to our members. These have usually been disregarded because of the element of advertising. Nevertheless we are aware that to many of you financial planning is a worry, so we are considering arranging a seminar at some time in the future with an impartial advisor such as Age Concern. If you think this would be a good idea please let us know, ‘us’ being any member of the committee, and we will set the wheels in motion.